Nzonic V3 by Madz Modz

Nzonic V3

Nzonic V3

I got this Nzonic V3 by Madz Modz as part of a trade. It came in basically like new condition and indeed it looked like it wasn’t beat up too much. Assuming retail prices, it was roughly in the $200 dollar range as part of the trade. If you wish to find out more, visit them at their Facebook group.

Nzonic V3 Breakdown

This Nzonic V3 is pretty unique. It is actually the first mod I’ve used that was not the traditional type of mod. I’ll get into the specifics later. The mod features a slanted top cap attached to a top tube, 2 center tubes (one for 18650, other for 18350,18500), a bottom tube, and the switch. This mod features an adjustable top pin (made of copper) which allows any atomizer to sit flush to the top. There is also a copper contactin the bottom tube.

The bottom tube holds the contact and a magnet, while the switch has a magnet as well. The switch seemed pretty complicated to me (I’m not the brightest and didn’t feel like dicking around), so I didn’t take it apart. Friend asked for this mod after seeing it so I didn’t want to damage a gift. The locking mechanism was reverse threaded (YES!) and the switch housing was brass.

Nzonic V3 Craftsmanship

I must say this Nzonic V3 was one of my favorite mods coming out of the Philippines. The craftsmanship was excellent. The threads were smooth, the adjustable pin worked well. The voltage drop was around 0.25-0.3v, I metered it on a fresh battery and the same battery at a lower voltage. Truth be told I don’t remember the specifics but I do remember it was always in the 0.25 to 0.3v range. I consider those results excellent. As I stated earlier, the reverse threaded locking ring was excellent as well.

Its also worth mentioning that this Nzonic V3 looks stunning. The brushing isn’t very pronounced and is almost semi-polished in my opinion but it still looks great. The brass switch housing adds an excellent touch for the V3 as well. The switch was very smooth. I really love magnets and this did not disappoint. It was able to stand under its own weight without firing as well. Magnets make everything so much better.

The logo and engraving in the bottom of the switch are both very sharp and subtle. The sun engraving (which acts as a catch cup I’d assume) in the top cap looked pretty great and did not have any sharp or rough edges. The little Swarovski crystal in the bottom of the Nzonic V3′s switch was shiny and cute too. All very clean details that I appreciated.

Nzonic V3 Overall Thoughts

The Nzonic V3 was excellent. I’m usually pretty unsatisfied with mods in this price range however I thought Madz Modz did a great job. All the little touches were well executed. The copper contacts seemed to do a great job as the voltage drop was always pretty low. Overall, I’m pretty happy.

There were only 3 things that I didn’t particularly care for, but they are pretty minor.

First off, I wish there was a flat top version. While there is nothing wrong with the slant, its just a pure aesthetics issue for me. I wan’t everything to sit flush with no horizontal or vertical gaps (at least not very noticeable). The gaps under the atomizer from the slant were something I don’t enjoy seeing.

Secondly, the mod is pretty long. I don’t bother with measurements because I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep a tape measure around when talking about mods, or comparing them. In 18350 mode its actually quite small and in 18500 mode it doesn’t look or feel weird. However in 18650, this mod is huge. It makes every other 18650 mod I have feel relatively small. Again, not a huge concern but it does look a little laughable with a rather tall genesis on top.

Thirdly and lastly, the smallest concern. When the lock ring is fully locked, its not 100% flush with the firing button. It tends to wobble a tiny bit. I didn’t have any issues with it when I was using it, but as I sat and went through the recollections of what I did and didn’t like, that wobbling issue kept coming up. Very minor point, but felt like I was lying if i didn’t bring it up.

Nzonic V3 conclusion

I would definitely recommend this mod. From what I’ve read (unconfirmed) there may be a flat top coming up. The V4 is media blasted which looks fantastic. If they do release a flat top media blasted, I myself will be buying it (and keeping it).

Not much else to add. Great mod, very minor issues and I thoroughly enjoyed using the Nzonic V3. If the price was slightly lower, it would be even better.

Edit: After I wrote this review, I have also seen a flat top brass version, which looks fantastic as well!